Dear Student,

We recognize that these days have been challenging navigating through the complexities of being on campus through this pandemic. For those of you who are in a period of quarantine, there are often feelings of loneliness and disconnect from the greater community. Know that you are not alone and we as staff in the Office of Student Life and Formation are available for you during this season. We would like to offer you a wide variety of wellness resources and spiritual care as best we can. This online resource was developed and contributed by the PLNU Community for you. We hope that the contents will be meaningful in your faith journey and will be renewing for your soul. 

Chapel While in Quarantine

 We would also want to reduce any anxiety around chapel requirements during this quarantine period. We will be offering the following accommodations for Chapel for students in quarantine:

  • 2 Chapel credits per week for Freshmen/Sophomores

  • 1 Chapel credit per week for Juniors/Seniors

Please allow until the end of the semester for us to add these chapel credits as we receive your names from the Educational Access Center (EAC) and the Wellness Center. 


You are loved, we are praying for you, and always know that I am available to connect by phone, zoom, and email. May God's Spirit strengthen you in your body, soul, mind, and spirit.  

Grace and Peace,